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Exam Prep and Cyber Ranges Combined!

Get the hands-on training, certification preparation, and real-world experience needed to succeed in the cybersecurity industry.


The DoD Training Center is a cyber security training and certification company focused on delivering advanced instruction to military and DoD employees, government contractors, and civilian and corporate clients. With headquarters in Columbia Maryland and San Diego California, our mobile training team is designed to enable our guides to train students in any location.

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Ever since I got into Cyber Security this is kind of a certification needed so I will definitely recommend DoDTC.
Aidan Proulx
I love methodology and really appreciate highly engaging instructors and I will definitely recommend DoD Training Center as this is proved best for me.
Brad H
I am taking Security Plus with Mr. Pierre and This course at DoDTC consolidates a vast range of topics in a more straightforward more approachable manner. I would recommend this course at DoDTC to anyone who wants it.
Dalton Greever
At DoDTC I love the instruction they give and how they give it and the confidence I build while taking this course at DoDTC is phenomenal. I would definitely recommend DoDTC and Look forward to taking more courses.
Deon Oder
I am associated with DoDTC for 5 years and in the start when I was referred to DoDTC and met Mr. Pierre then enrolled my Guys loved the training and all of them passed their certification which was just amazing.
John H. Hamlette
Mr. Pierre has organized the course the smarter way that I get the knowledge I need to pass the certification Exam. I would absolutely recommend DoDTC to whoever needs a certification in Cybersecurity.
Tyler Freeman
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