1. Client-Site Delivery
    Our onsite training delivery option allows you to tailor the experience to the specific needs of your company and expand the number of people and departments that can attend the training. DoDTC will provide a certified trainer to deliver one of the many courses we offer or one of the custom courses that we have developed for both federal and private sector clients.
  2. On-Site Delivery
    On-site delivery offers the face-to-face interaction between the instructor and the student. The face-to-face interaction allows the student to receive instantaneous feedback on course material and questions, and enables students to have open group discussion and receive feedback from their peers.
  3. Hybrid Delivery
    Hybrid courses offer a unique blended learning method, combining both online instruction and in person instruction. Hybrid courses will require more independent learning on the part of the student, but enables the student to learn at their own pace.
  4. On Demand (Self-Paced)
    On Demand courses eliminate the in person meeting and allow the student to fully maximize their time and efforts in studying material at their own pace. All course material, lectures, and discussions are provided online and available to the student throughout the course.