Meet The Team
Pierre Colombel II

Mr. Pierre Colombel is an exceptional trainer with a unique ability to assess student needs and modify content delivery to achieve superior results consistently.

Pierre leverages more than 20 years in the IT industry to illuminate technical concepts with real world examples.

Currently a private consultant, Mr. Colombel has enjoyed twenty years of federal and commercial experience in roles ranging from network administrator, security architect, and CIO.

In all of his roles training and mentoring have been major component of his job function and a catalyst for the success of many initiatives that he has managed. 
David Reese
Mr. David Reese is a leading expert in IT classroom training. He has 20 years’ experience providing technical and seminar training in topics including IT fundamentals (A+, Network+, Security+, Server+), Microsoft Server Administration (Windows Server NT 4.0 – 2012), Network Infrastructure (Cisco Routing and Switching), Network Security (CASP, CEH, Packet Capture and Analysis), Client Operating Systems (DOS, Windows, Linux, Mac, Android), as well as a wide variety of user applications (Microsoft Office suite, Google Apps/GSuite).

Dave is experienced in lead generation, needs assessment, proposal writing, contract negotiation, team building, customer relations, personnel/resource allocation and management, project management, and financial reporting.

Dave’s clients include the Maryland Department of Transportation, the Maryland Department of Education, all branches of the U.S. Military, U.S. Intelligence agencies, commercial enterprises, corporate training facilities and community colleges.
Greg Gooden
Mr. Greg Gooden is an exceptional trainer with a prior experience in cyber security, networking, and database design.  Mr. Gooden has taught for several years at both 2-year institutions and 4-year institutions in the field of Information Systems Management, in addition to various courses related to ethical hacking, cyber strategy, policy design, and social engineering.
Mr. Gooden has focused a lot of his attention towards to enrichment and growth of the cyber security field and his research has primarily focused on the aspect of Social Engineering in Higher Education and Threat Impact and Assessment.  He has conducted research from participants both nationally and internationally, and continues to trend latest issues, and provide comprehensive solutions to mitigating risk.
Mr. Gooden has enjoyed the many years of teaching courses, in size of up to 55 individuals, on security threat awareness and more importantly critical thinking and problem solving skills most important to the fields related to cyber security.  The combination of his research and experience have enhanced his ability to remain well-informed and current on emerging technologies in addition to providing real world context to cyber security.
Instructor &
Security Engineer